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The following downloads are available:

Potent (current version)
PotentQ demo
Latest Potent beta
Older versions of Potent
Free software

Potent (current version)

*** Potent v4.16.07 ***
Released February 2018

First uninstall any version of Potent that is currently installed on your computer. Then download the setup file and execute it to install Potent. Note that with Windows XP you must be logged on with an Administrator account to run the setup program.

If you are currently running a licensed version of v4.16.06 then your licence should be unaffected after installing v4.16.07. Otherwise, after Installing Potent, run the Potent licensing application, click Update, and e-mail the User Codes to GSS.



(If you have Potent installed on a pre-licensed USB memory stick then contact us for upgrade instructions.)

Download Potent v4.16.07 setup (18Mb)

The upgrade is free if you have a current Support & Maintenance agreement, or if you are running v4.16.06. If not, please contact us for a quote.

The documents that comprise the on-line Help system are available in PDF format:
          About the PDF documents
          Getting Started
          User's Guide
          Reference Manual

View the Release Notes as a PDF file

PotentQ demo.

PotentQ is a simplified and streamlined version of Potent that is designed to be run from Geosoft's Oasis montaj™ interface. This demonstration version runs "stand-alone", using fixed magnetic (TMI) data. The modelling is fully functional; only the input observed data is restricted.

Please contact Geosoft for information about PotentQ licensing.



 Download PotentQ Demo_setup (10Mb)

(Like PotentQ, PotentQ demo is a 64 bit application and therefore should be installed into Windows' Program files folder tree, not the Program files (x86) tree. The setup file will do this by default.)


Latest beta version of Potent




No current beta

Older versions of Potent


Potent v4.16.06 (18Mb) Released September 2018

Potent v4.15.05 (17Mb) Released April 2016

Potent v4.14.04 (17Mb) Released January 2016

Potent v4.13.05 (17Mb) Released 6 Nov 2014

Potent v 4.12.04 (15.8Mb) Released 17 Sep 2012

Potent v 4.11.06 (8.9Mb) Released 28 Jul 2010

Potent v 4.10.02 (6.9Mb) Released 22 Dec 2008

Potent v 4.09.10 (6.7Mb) Released 15 Jan 2007

Potent v 4.08.06 (6.5Mb) Released 4 Mar 2006


Pblock calculates the magnetic or gravity effect of a rectangular prism.

Pdyke is an enhanced version that also calculates the effect of a dipping 2-D prism.

PQaggregate - The zip file contains an executable file and a PDF documentation file. Simply load them into a convenient location on your hard drive.

Down-hole software - Recover geographically referenced magnetic components from the measured tool-referenced components. After installation, links to two executable programs and a User's Guide will be on your desktop.



Download Pblock (212Kb)

Download Pdyke (212Kb)


Download PQaggregate (949Kb)



Download down-hole software (1.24Mb)