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Geophysical services

GSS offers consulting services in the fields of interpretation and processing of potential field data in a mineral exploration context. Interpretation services include

  • Detailed interpretation of magnetic data, particularly at the prospect level
  • Interpretation of detailed and regional gravity data
  • Modelling and interpretation of downhole data. We can extract maximum value from your investment in downhole surveys by modelling multi-component borehole magnetic data jointly with surface or airborne data.

Software development

We have a long background in software development, especially in the areas of technical and scientific software. Languages and operating systems in which we have particular experience are

  • C++ (the development language of Potent versions 4.xx)
  • C
  • Fortran
  • Pascal (the development language of Potent versions 3.xx) and Delphi
  • MS Windows

  • Unix
  • QNX

Wherever feasible we attempt to provide fixed-price quotations for software development projects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.