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Purchasing and prices

The following prices are indicative only, as at 1 March 2019. Please contact GSS to confirm.

All prices are given in Australian dollars (A$).





Single user perpetual licence. Includes 12 months' support and maintenance.


Subsequent licences to the same purchaser - 25% discount


30 day licence rental**


6 month licence rental**


Standard delivery method of Potent software, including documentation, is by download. Surcharge for delivery by CD (International Express Post):


Preferred payment method is by direct deposit, credit card***, or by cheque or money order drawn on an Australian bank. Surcharge for cheques drawn on non-Australian banks:


PotentQ is marketed through Geosoft. Please contact Geosoft for details.


EM-Q is marketed through the Airborne Surveys Division of CGG. Please contact David Murray for details.


* Australian customers must add 10% GST to the quoted prices.

** Should a customer choose to purchase Potent, the price will be discounted by 2/3 of rental received in the previous 12 month period.

*** We can accept payment via major credit cards. Please contact GSS.

Volume discounts are available. Please contact GSS for details.

Extended support and maintenance
Extended support and maintenance for Potent is available at 15% of the prevailing full purchase price per year per licence.

Educational licences
The above prices are for commercial use. Substantial discounts are provided for Potent if it will be used solely for educational purposes.