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Geosoft Inc.

CGG Airborne Surveys

Intrepid Geophysics

Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd

Coffey Geotechnics Ltd

Southern Geoscience Consultants

Reid Geophysics

Arce Geofisicos

Ultramag Geophysics

CORE Geophysics

The Accelerometer: Interesting Applications

"Established in 1986, Geosoft stands for integrity and best practice in earth science mapping and exploration technology."

"The most versatile and technologically advanced airborne survey company in the world. Through a network of offices spanning the globe, CGG Airborne Surveys provides comprehensive geophysical mapping technologies for a wide variety of applications."

"(Formerly Desmond Fitzgerald & Associates) has provided software and services for potential field geophysics applications since 1992."

Geothermal Energy Consultants

"A consultancy providing specialist geotechnical engineering services in helping clients to manage the earth. "

International consulting geophysicists

"Consulting in petroleum and mineral exploration and the environment."

Geophysical surveys, mainly for minerals and groundwater, in Central and South America.

Ground gravity, magnetic and radiometric surveys, image processing and geophysical interpretation.

CORE is a boutique geophysical consulting company that strives to provide high quality and cost effective services to reduce risk and add value.

Not strictly geophysics, but an interesting take on gravitational sensors