Building the Eun Mara "Skerry"

Aft section and cockpit

Eun Mara main

Aft section.

Aft section

As Skerry does not require an outboard well (due to the use of an external e-pod motor) I was able to take some liberties with the design of the aft section. I decided to go with a simple full bulkhead at station 8, with two large hatches. The floor of the storage compartment is lower than the plans suggest, and rests on the part bulkhead at station 9 (see below). This provides a large waterproof storage space.


This shot shows the station 8 bulkhead epoxied in place. The station 9 part bulkhead is a design variation that is intended to brace the planking for the motor mounting. It will also support the floor of the storage space. The copper tube drains the mizzen box into the cockpit bilge. It's far bigger than required, but is what was available to hand at the time.


As an afterthought I added two extra beams to support the deck between the king plank and shear. On the Eun Maras I have been on there is a tendency to board the vessel by stepping, sometimes heavily, from jetty to afterdeck, and the large gap covered by a sheet of 10mm ply worried me a bit...


...however, perhaps I should have put them in place AFTER inserting the two sides of the shelf, which had been dry fitted before the extra beams were added!


I had to cut a section out of the king plank to fit the shelf pieces, and then repair it from underneath with a similar piece of timber.

The two triangular hatches provide access to the motor mounts. Right arm holding large spanner ("wrench" to you North Americans) goes into the port opening, while eyes look through the starboard opening. The cutout extends aft of station 9 to provide ventilation to that unused space beneath the shelf when the covers are removed when the boat is in storage.


And here's how it will look most of the time.


And again. The afterdeck is cut out ready to be fitted when convenient.




Here's the start of the cockpit framing. There will be two large seat lockers either side. The forward one on the starboard side will hold the motor controller. On the port side the forward locker will just be big enough to store my Honda 20i (2000 watt) generator, which will give me serious charging capability for the motor batteries. (Just for emergency use, I hope. I'll have to stand the motor on deck to actually run it.)


As with the station 9 part bulkhead, the station 7 part bulkheads will make me happier to put heavy items (like the generator) in the seat lockers.

And this is the cockpit structurally complete. (The second picture shows two LED lights.) The insides of the cave lockers have been painted with epoxy, and drain holes cut out fore and aft. The forward locker will contain two 6v batteries, and doubles as a step into the cabin.



Here is the cabin bulkhead with jarrah trim and bronze fittings from Briggs Marine. (The bell was an indulgence I couldn't resist!)